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SWOT INSTITUTE offers Online Test series(testseriesindia.in) for NDA/MEDICAL/IIT-JEE/FOUNDATION and other Competitive Exams. This test series is accessible to the candidates everywhere.Our MockTests and Chapter wise tests have been designed to provide in-depth knowledge ad proper examination temperament .It will give you an opportunity to convert your skills into success and to evaluate self performance.

SWOT INSTITUTE's (testseriesindia.in) Online Test series is designed considering the pattern of NDA/MEDICAL/IIT-JEE/FOUNDATION/Exams.The test papers are develpoed by SWOT INSTITUTE Endeavour Research and Development Wing which includes experienced faculty members.Unit Tests, Minor Tests and Mock Tests are  designed for thorough coverage of the entire Syllabus.This Online Test Series provides a platformfor students to judge their performance and results will be analysed on all India basis.The test papers  have been designed considering the previous exam papers and standard of the questions resembles the actual examination in all apects,helping students to overcome their weakness, rectify errors and perform better.